Friday, May 29, 2009

Picture Update

This is Olivia in a dress that I wore when I was a baby. I think it's cute that she is holding the skirt up. It almost looks like she did it on purpose.

We spent last week in Burley for my sister Kristy's graduation.

It was fun to be with family and Olivia got to spend time with her grandma, grandpa, aunts, and uncles. Here is uncle Cole. He was protecting a sleeping Olivia on the couch so no one would sit on her. He soon fell asleep. It was pretty cute.

Uncle Slade got Olivia to sleep!Olivia is now 7 months old.


Cory and Jolynne said...

Mandy she is 7 months old? That's so crazy to think about! I love the last pic she has grown so much.

Cory and Jolynne said...

We need an update! :) Thanks again for the bow's...Love them!